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ACM North India


The ACM North India SIGACT is a new effort recently launched by ACM to encourage algorithm community with in ACM members in North India.

The ACM community in India is growing in membership, number of chapters, sponsored conferences and symposia.

The ACM North India SIGACT has following functions

  • serving as a professional network for individuals who are involved with the science and technology of computing
  • encouraging students to take an active interest in the emerging and exciting world of computing
  • facilitating the organization of high-quality ACM conferences in North India
  • providing logistical support to grow more ACM professional and student chapters
  • enhancing access to the ACM Digital Library and publications for ACM members in India
  • increasing the participation of ACM members in North India across all dimensions of ACM



  • Mr. Karun Verma
  • Mr. Ravinder Kumar

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